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PeriMed, a division of The Branch Sustains, is led by women and specializes in delivering top-quality medical supplies and recruitment services to the Caribbean and Latin America. Our organization is committed to excellence, integrity, and collaboration, serving as a trusted authority in our field.

PeriMed strives to become a reliable partner for medical professionals as they build communities through their practice. Our gold-standard products give us the opportunity to help hospitals, laboratories and healthcare providers utilize solutions that heal.

Mission Statement

To empower Caribbean healthcare with top-tier recruitment and medical supplies, guided by excellence, integrity, and collaboration, driven by our women-owned, Christian ethos.

Vision Statement

To be the foremost influencer in shaping the future of Caribbean healthcare, harnessing our women-owned, Christian ethos to pioneer innovative solutions, set new standards of excellence, and cultivate transformative collaborations, profoundly impacting communities and lives for generations to come.

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